About Us

Novo Coworking Indonesia (“NOVO”) is a workspace founded in 2023, located in Kemang, South Jakarta. Consisting of experienced founders from various backgrounds, NOVO has the spirit to help your businesses grow, of course by prioritizing comfort in expressing ideas to build sustainable companies and generate large profits. NOVO is always present, to offer itself as a forum for entrepreneurs who want to establish and run new start-up businesses in the development stage, flexible independent companies and companies that carry out renovations effectively and efficiently. We offer comfortable rooms, easy access, affordable FnB packages, and other supporting facilities. By working at NOVO, you will get a comfortable work space so you can be more productive in achieving success in your business network.

Building a competent and reckoned Novo Coworking Indonesia company in the field of virtual offices and coworking spaces.

We will make enterpreneurship accessible to everyone.

• Attracting new business to the coworking space markket
• Become a dominant force in the coworking space market by differentiating ourselves with our unique offerings.
• Grow Novo’s brand presence globally, starting with a strong foundation in the domestic market.

Build a strong and comprehensive network of virtual office activities.

Build a strong and comprehensive network for coworking space activities.

Participate actively in the latest technology in the field of virtual offices and coworking spaces.

Building trust investment in service, that we always base on client satisfaction.


Participate in human resource development that is comprehensive, progressive, and in accordance with the values and norms adopted by Novo Coworking Indonesia.  

Participate in the development of human resources, environmental balance, that we always base on the values and norms adopted by Novo Coworking Indonesia.


In running our business, Novo Coworking Indonesia always pays attention to aspects of welfare and safety that are based on the interests of clients, stakeholders, and also employees who always have integrity. Perfection is always our ultimate goal in carrying out our duties. In the end, the values that we adhere to will always be positively correlated with investment satisfaction and trust from those who entrust the virtual office and coworking space aspects to us.